Montreal Comiccon is something I look forward to every year, and when Lena Headey was announced as a guest this year it was the excuse I needed to make some Game of Thrones cosplays. After looking over the characters and their costumes, I decided on a Petyr Baelish style overcoat for hubby and a dress worn by Ros for me.

For the Baelish style overcoat I settled on a dark brown jacquard with a large filigree print, similar to one of the coats he wears in season 1. I used Butterick’s 6844 men’s robe pattern as my base with modifications to the front (no overlap) and the sleeves (no cuffs). I decided on using hook and loop tape for the front closure as I felt that would be more authetic. I kept the 3 pleats in the back even though I have since determined this isn’t entirely accurate, but I’m not too fussy on that and may fix it at a later time. A twisted rope belt with a metal clasp will be sewn into place, again similar to what Baelish wears in season 1.

An aqua coloured fabric was an easy find for the Ros dress, although I have since decided that a raw silk is likely more accurate. Regardless, the aqua cotton was cheap and easy to work with, so I’m happy. Something close to the red and gold geometric print fabric for the side panels wasn’t available locally, so I opted to use a red Chinese floral brocade instead. The neckline and sleeve trim is likely a sari fabric that I also couldn’t find locally, so I made my own trim from some leftover red and gold poly satin with some gold netting and metallic gold bias tape layered over top.

I used McCalls’ 6940 GoT dress pattern, as it seems to be quite close to the original costume design, but with some modifications. I removed 2” at the upper and lower sleeve seam, since they were crazy long for my short little arms. I also modified the angle of the lower sleeve extension to be more of a curve than a right angle to improve the drape and remove the puckering that resulted from the near 90 degree turn in the original lower sleeve. Three functional ties are used for the front closure in the original pattern, which I modified to two non-functioning ties and a hidden side hook closure.

Lena Headey has since cancelled her appearance at MCC 2014, but our GoT cosplay group will be dressing up anyways. Can’t wait to wear this dress!!


D20 crit-hit!

(no filter, the camera caught the light weird on the first photo)

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